Operations and Supply Chain Management

Since online shopping has become so prevalent and manufacturers have been under pressure to reduce costs, supply chain management has become crucial in management courses. Students need to complete numerous assignments and essays on supply chain management as part of their academic curriculum. Students from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries use Quickwitters Experts for their Supply Chain Management assignments. In addition to Amazon, Zara, Dominos Pizza, Walmart, Best Buy, etc., we have solved several SCM case studies on some trendsetters. As a result, SCM operations have been redefined to reduce costs and provide customers with faster service. While providing Supply Chain Management Essay Writing Help, we also apply the concepts we learn in case studies. Considering this subject is so crucial to management students, why not learn a few basic SCM concepts that will help us in our courses?

What is Supply Chain Management?

SCM refers to monitoring information, finances, and material involved in multi-stakeholder processes, i.e. from the supplier to the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer and ultimately to the consumer. Management of supply chains involves coordinating and integrating these flows among companies to optimise processes and reduce delivery costs and time. From the point where raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished products are produced to the point they are consumed, it involves the study of storage and movement. According to SCM experts, the goal of any efficient SCM process is to reduce inventory by ensuring that the products are all available when they are needed. Companies can offer integrated supply chain services with highly sophisticated software systems and Web-based interfaces. The practice of SCM includes parts like systems engineering, industrial engineering, logistics, procurement, operations management, and marketing, among others.

In order to gain market share and engage in a price war, online retailers will provide customers with higher discounts, which will place a substantial burden on SCM to provide cost efficiencies.

Supply Chain Management Functions

An approach to managing raw materials is known as supply chain management, as it involves both the management of raw materials and their movement into an organisation. Additionally, it pertains to how raw materials are converted into finished goods and how finished goods are shipped to the final customer.

As organisations focus on their core competencies and gain greater flexibility, they seek to reduce their ownership of raw materials and distribution channels. Thus, supply chain functions are increasingly being outsourced to other firms that can complete these processes more efficiently and in less time.

Managing Supply Chains: Critical Processes

SCM has evolved as industries and customer demands have changed. In addition, the upgrading of the transportation and packaging industry has also affected the supply chains of various companies. There are, however, a few concepts that remain constant throughout the years. Below are a few essential concepts in supply chain management.

  • Procurement – Procurement is the act of buying goods, raw materials, and services from a company. Buying decisions are involved in procurement.
  • Inventory Management – Inventory management involves ordering, storing, and using inventory. The Just In Time (JIT) inventory management concept is prevalent among manufacturing companies since it reduces costs.
  • Order Fulfillment – This process begins with sales and ends with the customer experience.
  • Returns Management – Returns management is reverse logistics. This involves returning products from customers to manufacturers. This is a costly process for companies. However, due to booking, SCM has become increasingly important in the e-commerce industry.

Process Flow for Supply Chain Management

Three significant flows are involved in supply chain management; they are;

  • Information Flow – The information flow is responsible for transmitting orders and keeping track of delivery statuses.
  • Product Flow – Flow of goods from a supplier to a customer, along with service needs or customer returns.
  • Finance Flow – This pertains to the payment schedule, the title of ownership agreements, and consignment arrangements.

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The following are some of the key concepts and processes that our supply chain management experts cover:

  • Customer relationship management

CRM is being used by many businesses to maintain and retain their existing customer base while expanding it to include potential customers. With technical support, customer relationship management involves the systematic organisation and synchronisation of the sales and marketing processes. Integrated campaigns can be run with the help of various marketing methods, including Internet websites, social media platforms, direct mail, and text messages.

  • Customer Service Management

Organisations use the concept of CSM to establish common goals for the organisation and its customers. For example, customer Service Management involves maintaining the relationship between an organisation and its customers to ensure business continuity.

  • Physical distribution

As part of supply chain management, physical distribution occurs when goods and services move from one supply chain node to another. Whether the product or service is sold directly to the customer or through a distributor, they are the ultimate users of the product or service.

  • Warehouse management

Warehouse management is an essential function of the company since it involves storing and maintaining the stock supplied to various distributors and intermediaries. Therefore, the management of a warehouse helps maintain business continuity and reduces the operational costs for that warehouse.

The supply chain management assignment writing services that we provide cover all these processes and provide in-depth analysis on all the other aspects of supply chain management. As supply chain management assignment writers, our supply chain experts can help with research on various business operations and managing business operations, helping with suppliers, storage allocation, and logistics management. In addition, as supply chain management assignment writers, we can work on supply chain strategy projects, modelling supply chains, and assist with the allocation of management theory, which includes the allocation of finance, marketing, strategy, and design of a business.

 An example of Supply Chain Management

It is the purpose of supply chain management for an organisation to build a competitive infrastructure that will enhance its net value. In SCM, the company integrates its global supply chain by synchronising the demand of its products or services with the supply to evaluate and measure its performance globally. Supply chain management is a systematic and planned method of coordinating the various business functions of the company that are involved in supply chain management. Throughout supply chain management, the three concepts of network structure, business processes, and management are carefully interconnected and integrated and apply to writing assignments on this subject. In addition, total quality management is among the most popular topics discussed in supply chain management assignments.

Known as TQM or Total Quality Management, TQM is a concept in supply chain management that involves creating an environment in which an organisation and its functions are continuously improving to enhance its product delivery and/or customer service provision. A management consultant influenced by Japanese manufacturing and quality management, William Deming created this management approach. TQM is a process of developing internal guidelines and processes that can assist the organisation in setting standards and reducing errors. In this way, organisations can become more customer-focused and are motivated to enhance the quality of their products and services by improving their production procedures. The Total Quality Management (TQM) concept began with an emphasis on fact-based decision making, where the performance metrics of an organisation are used to monitor progress and continuously improve it.

TQM is not governed by a single standard approach but is primarily dependent on the quality control measures that the company has previously implemented. Other concepts have dominated the designing and implementing TQM by organisations, such as lean manufacturing, six sigma, and ISO 9001.


As a management theory, TQM is based on the idea that an organisation can achieve long-term success when all its members focus on improving the quality and enhancing the customer experience. The following features can be found in the framework for Total Quality Management adopted by the organisation:

  • Process thinking
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Total employee commitment
  • Strategic thinking
  • Integrated system
  • Decisions based on facts
  • Continuous improvement
  • Effective communication

As a result, organisations also create quality circles, which are groups of employees who meet regularly to discuss the challenges their organisation faces in terms of quality and investigate the reasons for the lags reported. Additionally, the quality circle identifies solutions that assist the organisation in taking corrective measures.

A structured approach to TQM allows the organisation to reduce errors or eliminate them by streamlining the supply chain while improving customer satisfaction. In addition, by improving accountability, all parties involved in the production and supply of the final product or service are held accountable and ensure that it meets or exceeds the specifications set forth by the customer.

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